Wire Tracker

product model:NF-803
Item Specifics:
* Is_customized : Yes
* Brand Name : Noyafa
* Model Number : NF-803
* Place of Origin : Shenzhen.China
* Main Function : Test and Track Cables
* Tracking Type : UTP/STP RJ45 , RJ11, BNC
* Other Function :  Tone trace , test telephone line condition 
* Power :  2* 1.5V AA battery
* Warranty : 1 Year

 Application Include:

1. Capable of tracing STP/UTP network cable , telephone / coax cable.

2. Tone trace cable on POE switcher.

3. Check wiremap of network cable directly with the LED indicates.

4. Check telephone line condition ( clear , busy , ringing ) and polarity test.

5. Hub blink for locating network port by  the flashing port light on Hub / Switch.


1. LED indicates connections and faults.

2. Flashing assists use in dark corners of the receiver.

3. Convenient battery access. 

 Accessories Included:

Earphone  1 set

Battery    2 set

Telephone line adapter   1 set

Network cable adapter   1 set

Cable clips      1 set


1.Don't connect high voltage live lines to avoid buring out the machine.

2.Put into the right place to avoid hurting others,because of the sharp part.

3.Connected the cable to the right port.

4.Read the user manual before use it.

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